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Sony Device Technology (Thailand) solves customer challenges with various semiconductor products and solutions that make full use of industry-leading advanced technologies centered on imaging and sensing technology.

Image Sensor

SSS has the world’s largest share of the image sensor market, and boasts a lineup of high-performance image sensors tailored to a diverse range of needs in a broad range of fields from those for industrial use, to sensors used in consumer cameras, as well as those for automotive and mobile applications.


By applying the individual characteristics of liquid crystals and OLEDs, SSS is contributing to various fields including entertainment through microdisplay products which are further equipped with value-added technologies only possible for our company.

Laser Diode

SSS include a lineup of edge emitting and surface emitting (VCSEL) products for applications such as optical discs, laser printers, 3D sensing, and optical communication, allowing us to respond to a wide variety of requirements.

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