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Ethics Message from Kenichiro Yoshida
Chairman, President and CEO, Sony Corporation

Sep 28, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Sony’s Purpose to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology” is our social reason for being and the basis of our corporate culture. In pursuing our Purpose in accordance with our Values, it is crucial that we follow the Sony Group Code of Conduct as a guide for our daily business.
“Fairness,” “Honesty,” “Integrity,” “Respect” and “Responsibility” are the Sony’s five ethical values that form the basis of the standards set forth in the Sony Group Code of Conduct. The Sony Group Code of Conduct also provides four core principles, “To conduct our business activities in an honest, ethical and responsible manner," "To give due consideration to the impact of our business activities on the interests of our stakeholders," "To respect for human rights" and "To appreciate diversity".
Please take this opportunity to read the Sony Group Code of Conduct once again, reconfirm these five ethical values and four principles, and familiarize yourself with each standard. I ask each of you to continue to act in an ethical and responsible manner when fulfilling your respective professional role, which will foster our corporate culture.
If you become aware of any questionable conduct, please consult your manager or other reporting channels that the company makes available including the Sony Ethics & Compliance Hotline.* Speaking up may not always be easy, but when you raise concerns it contributes to protect Sony’s future and in maintaining the health of our work environment. I appreciate and encourage your continued efforts to create better Sony and to contribute to our society.
You can find the Code of Conduct, our key internal rules and policies, Sony Group Code of Conduct, and one-minute introductory movie about the Hotline on the Sony Group Corporation Intranet.

Yours truly,

Kenichiro Yoshida
Chairman, President and CEO
Sony Corporation