Security Camera Image Sensor [Product]

Security Camera Image Sensor [Product]

Security camera image sensors equipped with STARVIS™ / STARVIS 2 technology, to capture clear images regardless of brightness


Cameras are in great demand in various applications today to make society safe and secure, ranging from facility/street surveillance and detection of irregular activities to traffic monitoring, home security, and drive recorder systems. Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation(SSS) offers a rich lineup of image sensors supported by low-luminosity imaging technology (low noise/high sensitivity), capability to capture images under various lighting conditions (high dynamic range), etc., making contributions to the security area.


CMOS image sensors with outstanding levels of low noise and high sensitivity performance

STARVIS / STARVIS 2 technology, dedicatedly developed for CMOS image sensors for security cameras, has made it possible to simultaneously demonstrate sensitivity beyond the human eye as well as outstanding low noise characteristics. These sensors can accurately reproduce colors and textures of targets which are difficult to distinguish in dark locations, drastically improving their performance in low-illuminance environments where security cameras are used.

HDR technology that can accurately capture images regardless of brightness

Two type of HDR functions are prepared to assist the security cameras to shoot under complex lighting comditions. DOL HDR is best suited for slow-moving objects and Clear HDR for high-moving objects. The installed HDR varies depending on the model. Please check the product lineup.

High-quality imaging characteristics in the near infrared (NIR) region

This series of image sensors are capable of capturing images under the near-infrared light in addition to the visible light. By emitting near-infrared light as auxiliary light, they can clearly capture the shapes and the gradation of the objects even in "jet-black" darkness.

What's SNR1s ?

SSS is introducing SNR1s [lx] as an index used to quantitatively evaluate picture quality at low illumination.

SNR1s [lx] is a proprietary index advocated by Sony, and is limited to image sensors for security camera applications. A smaller value indicates better picture quality at low illumination. SNR1s [lx] is an acronym consisting of "SNR" (Signal-to-Noise Ratio), "1" (represents that the signal level when noise = 1 is 1), and "s" (for Security).

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