Image Sensor for Consumer Cameras

Image Sensor for Consumer Cameras

A wide scope of applications from digital cameras (professional and consumer) to drones


Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation(SSS) always keeps innovating on the image sensor after SSS has put CCD out into the world. SSS is advancing more development of the back-illuminated CMOS image sensor and the stacked CMOS image sensor. And SSS contributes to increase the attractiveness of the digital camera of all over the world with the SSS's image sensors.


High reproducibility to truthfully capture images as intended

In order to enhance the realism in the images captured by the user to amplify the profound effects of the recorded scenes, the back-illuminated structure and sensor noise reduction technology are incorporated to enhance the S/N ratio, the stacked structure and low power consumption technology are incorporated in pursuit of high speed performance, and together with the application of micropixels to achieve higher resolutions, the image sensor has realized a 3-axis evolution of high speed, high resolution and high sensitivity.

Rich imagery expressions that support various use cases

Increasing photo opportunities and diversifying contexts offer more use cases of consumer cameras today. The image sensor realizes the auto focus (AF) feature that continuously captures a target object with high accuracy while being in motion at high speed. It also realizes the wide dynamic range that allows suitable rendition of color gradation even in a high-contrast outdoor environment. Its high sensitivity enables low-noise images taken in a low light setting. These features enable you to capture images in just the way you want even in the contexts in which photography has been difficult until now.

Superb expression for professional visual productions

The superior gradation rendition, faithful reproduction on every small detail and high-resolution shooting for high-definition video expression provide video editing highly flexible. Moreover high-speed signal output realizes high frame rate shooting for superb slow motion expression. The image sensor also realizes wide dynamic range —enabling to capture images of extremely low noise levels even in a low-illuminance environment that are enjoyable to watch, and to produce rich gradations in a high luminance environment.


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