Laser Diode Driver for Automotive/Industrial Time of Flight (ToF) Sensing

Laser Diode Driver for Automotive/Industrial Time of Flight (ToF) Sensing

Equipped with a variety of features and protective circuit for enhanced performance of ToF systems


First utilized in mobile devices, Time of Flight (ToF) sensing is expanding its applications to automotive and industrial device markets.

As the market expands, requirements about the emitter, the light source, are diversifying. To meet those requirements, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) develops a versatile laser driver for ToF sensing performance in various use cases.


A wide range of features that enhance depth sensing system performance

  • Auto Power Control using a PD (Photo-Diode) current monitor
  • Supports Multi-Junction VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) (3V-12V power supply for laser)
  • Multi-serial interface (I2C/SPI)
  • Multi-slave address (I2C interface)
  • Signal transmission latency control
  • Output current assist


Multi Junction

Multi Emitter

Supports diverse protection features

  • PD current monitor detects irregular/unintended emission
  • Detects irregular values of ITO conductive film resistance
  • Detects abnormal voltage in output terminals
  • Detects overheating, overvoltage and insufficient voltage


CXD4029GG / CXD4029GG-W
Output Current TypeSink
Maximum Operating CurrentBias2.0 A *1
Switching7.4 A *1
Output ChannelTwo
Maximum Input Frequency200MHz
Serial Control InterfaceSPI / I2C
Power Supply VoltageCore1.8V
Operating Temperature Range-40℃ 〜 +105℃
Package6.0mm × 6.0mm BGA

*1) Dual-channel simultaneous drive


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